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The Deep Biome

SystemSystem Posts: 2
imageThe Deep Biome

What’s at the bottom of the world, anyway? While it’s true that in many places there’s only unmineable black rock and worthless stone, scholars have recently discovered that the Brains delved extra...

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  • ClueboeClueboe The AoD Headquarters... Wherever it is...Member, Arbiter Posts: 2,302
    Does this mean that new worlds will be deeper, or will the biome just appear near the bottom of the world?
    Or is it a completely new world type?
  • Me_Crown_KingMe_Crown_King Duping since 1999Member Posts: 896
    If for real i think it will be better if you complete with ocean biom then start new project :)
  • CattsworthCattsworth Nowhere. Or Dead.Member Posts: 769
    edited October 2013
  • lilroller717lilroller717 Under mapping on Ark.Member Posts: 1,563
    Love it keep it up devs!
  • tripwire55tripwire55 ►☺Member Posts: 119
    I'm excited for this biome. Looks like it would be fun to explore with friends. The new mobs look a bit challenging, but they will be worth fighting to find some orange crystals and all the new mushrooms.
  • PhilosopherPhilosopher Member Posts: 1,250


    The only problem i see with the re-filling dungeons, is that one only needs 1 private world to have all the loot they will ever need.

    That's why I asked if players will be able to purchase this world type. It could be more expensive to purchase for private ownership if all of those things could only be found in Deep biome and nowhere else.

    The original dungeon would have a metal crate or sack as loot. The second iteration would contain a red chest. The third iteration would contain a mech chest, etc. The mobs get more difficult. It's a bit like leveling up the Pandora box from Lv1 through Lv999. Pandora would eventually become unbeatable at such a high level. Eventually, the dungeon would become unminable (Lv16+ engineering/mining skill required).
  • Kukky2Kukky2 WinterMember Posts: 2,333
    Aha, So THAT'S the new biome you were talking about. Just a question, would the biome be premium only or is it for everyone?
  • toadlovertoadlover Applying Woturr to the Urrth, to prevent the Ayerr from stoking the Phyrre.Member, Arbiter Posts: 6,432
    edited October 2013
    Kukky2 said:

    Aha, So THAT'S the new biome you were talking about. Just a question, would the biome be premium only or is it for everyone?

    I believe that all biomes outside the temperate biomes are premium only. The reason why a few non-temperate biomes are freemium is for freemium players that have invited players through facebook.
  • captain_foxcaptain_fox Member Posts: 311
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