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Post a picture of your real-life self! [#2]

[Deleted User][Deleted User] Posts: 3,321
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Welcome to the second "post a picture of your real-life self" thread!

This thread is strictly for posting pictures of your real-life self. Off-topic/inappropriate pictures will not be tolerated.
If you want to post a picture of your pet, do not post it in this thread, but instead post it in this thread:

Now here are some rules that I know a few incompetent people will fail to follow.
1) DO NOT post any memes
2) DO NOT post any inappropriate pictures
3) DO NOT post any pictures of your pets. Pictures of pets are to be posted in the thread linked above.
4) DO NOT post any other off-topic pictures
5) DO NOT start any arguments. This is meant to be a fun and happy place!

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  • DaMorlockDaMorlock Posts: 3,641Member, Arbiter
    edited December 2013
    dmmagic said:

    Me at Silverwood in Idaho.


    It's Odie! Everyone loves Odie!
  • BulletProofBulletProof layin backPosts: 1,881Member
    dmmagic said:

    My wife and I right after our wedding reception.


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