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Sever Questions

KillerofsheepKillerofsheep Posts: 397Member
edited June 2012 in General
Just needed to ask a few questions related to severs ect.

1. Will the iOS beta-testers, when it comes out (matter of when not if! I can feel it...), be allowed on Elderhome? Just a question, as I would love to go somewhere quite private....

2. Will you be able to buy private servers without pre-order? If so, what will be the average price?

3. How many severs are there at the moment? And how many will there be after launch?

That's all for now...



  • BlazerjackBlazerjack VirginiaPosts: 2Member
    I'd like to add to his server questions about how many players on a private server from the preorder?
  • KillerofsheepKillerofsheep Posts: 397Member
    Sorry, but I'm bumping.
  • mikelaurencemikelaurence New York CityPosts: 5,366Member, Administrator
    1) Yes, we can set forum folks up in Elderhome. However, it is an older version now and is missing some of the new goodies, so maybe we can set up another private world for our beta testers.

    2) Yes, private worlds will be available in-game soon. The price will be $10 or so.

    3) There are a couple dozen worlds right now... there will be many more, especially as more people join.

    @Blazerjack: you'll be able to let all your friends come to your private zone. There's not a member limit - although we have yet to determine how many players can physically play in a world at once. We've tested as many as 100 fake players and it worked okay, though, so I think you'll be good :)
  • 4SlotToaster4SlotToaster Posts: 1,809Member
    Could you put some of those goodies in ElderHome, I need note people there now! I'm the only one that goes on it! Dreezer, Tuba, and XeonPowder have all left! So could some of the forum members get on ElderHome?
  • 4SlotToaster4SlotToaster Posts: 1,809Member
    more* not note. damn auto correct.
  • KillerofsheepKillerofsheep Posts: 397Member
    Thanks for the answer!!! I would love to join 4st in elderhome! :D
  • 4SlotToaster4SlotToaster Posts: 1,809Member
    Haha same to you KOS!
  • bparkerbparker Posts: 396Member
    what about me I'd love to go to Elderhome even though I havn't been on in forever :P
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