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Be on 15 of each month dont ban acount

AllomereAllomere Posts: 121Member
Admins i quitted because people i dont know treated me bad so dont ban i will be on 15 of each month


  • toadlovertoadlover Applying Woturr to the Urrth, to prevent the Ayerr from stoking the Phyrre.Posts: 6,432Member, Arbiter
    You must have just run into a rough crowd. It's no reason to leave the game for it. About 2 hours ago, I roasted a player who was trying to force everyone on the server to give him 100 crystals. You don't need to let players like that keep you down.
  • AllomereAllomere Posts: 121Member
    I will play now era were i have a gang that call me a good guy
  • AllomereAllomere Posts: 121Member
    And im co leader
  • quinnstephensquinnstephens Posts: 464Administrator
    Don't worry, we don't shut down accounts because of inactivity.
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