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The Dark Wolves episode one part two

stormsurgestormsurge Posts: 35Member
Surge watched her pack gathering, sharing greetings, and having breakfast. She padded over to a small cave where Terra, the healer, was sitting.

"How is Shadow? Can he see?" Surge asked as she neared the cave.

"Oh, he can see just not very well. He's coming out now if you want to talk with him." As she said this, a black wolf with dark purple markings stepped out of the den. He had a long scar along his eye.

"I am glad they didn't get my mark, it was obvious they wanted to." Shadow said. He curled his tail along his flank, pointing out the wisp like mark that signified his species.

"If they had got it, I wouldn't be a shadow wolf anymore, just a normal one."


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