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What should I Upgrade!

Ov3rExposeD12_Ov3rExposeD12_ Posts: 340Member
I'm having Trouble Choosing lol. What do you think I should Upgrade :)
I've Got Automata Lv 3 Survival 2 and Building 2.
1136 x 640 - 216K


  • jazzyminjazzymin Posts: 80Member
  • dmmagicdmmagic Your mom's house.Posts: 3,236Member
    If you ever want to raid a dungeon, get that Engineering to 5.

  • Ov3rExposeD12_Ov3rExposeD12_ Posts: 340Member
    Ok thanks :D
  • BakeBake Posts: 425Member
    I have found perception level 2 and level 3 to be MOST valuable. Level two allows you to see portals on the map. Level three allows you to see explored/unexplored areas on the map. Both things have been very helpful to me.
  • HoboDumpsterHoboDumpster Posts: 925Member
    Mining and engineering
  • BulkBulk So... Apparently I don't fit in a locker. Send help.Posts: 3,673Member
    edited February 2013
    After you raid that dungeon you want loot, so next time upgrade luck. Or if you are not already, upgrade to premium
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