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Chtulhu in game???

tjergoztjergoz Posts: 5,440Member, Arbiter
edited April 2013 in Questions
So i was in a fire world when i saw a strange shape in the background that looks like the shape of chtulhu. I made a picture so you can see it yourself
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  • 4SlotToaster4SlotToaster Posts: 1,809Member
    You drew that? That's amazing! :)
  • tjergoztjergoz Posts: 5,440Member, Arbiter
    Nope i did not i took it from internet to compare my snapshot with it, i wish i could draw like that thought :((
  • AuraAura EnglandPosts: 5,075Member, Arbiter
    tjergoz said:

    I wish i could draw like that thought :((

    Me too!
  • ZapfuryZapfury Posts: 3,142Member
    Probably just your good ol imagination!
  • tjergoztjergoz Posts: 5,440Member, Arbiter
    Im not spreading a rumor, as i said above in the background is a shape that looks like chtulhu i never said it actually is chtulhu.
  • tjergoztjergoz Posts: 5,440Member, Arbiter
    Here i have a new pic, its a little sharper u can see the shape clearly now, but again it does not have to be really chtulhu and i dont want to spread a rumor, you can see it yourself in this world
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  • BulkBulk So... Apparently I don't fit in a locker. Send help.Posts: 3,673Member
    Yeah, it is just the backround, it looks like cthulu though
  • christianstammchristianstamm Posts: 336Member
    Yay crazy giant monster gonna kill us all
  • toadlovertoadlover Applying Woturr to the Urrth, to prevent the Ayerr from stoking the Phyrre.Posts: 6,431Member, Arbiter
    Ooh, I smell a future deepworld lore revolving around this.
  • LOL!!!

    @Duck, I thought the EXACT SAME THING, when you said that I seriously laughed out loud lol...
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