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[Forum Game] The Letter Game!

AmberLABAmberLAB Ontario, CanadaMember Posts: 1,719
edited April 2014 in Off-Topic
This is simply a forum game :)
I play this with my friends in school when we're bored, and I thought that maybe, I could play some with the forums!

How to play:
I will start with a word, and the next person who wants to play will comment below a word that starts with the same letter as the word ended with. Everyone who wants to play continues on with the last letter of the word in the comment above them. For example:

Me: Apple
Person: Earth
Person: Hair
Person: Red

The word you post does not need to be related to the other word. It can be if you'd like, but the word you post must start with the last letter of the word above. Have fun!

Word: Deepworld



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