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Chrome OS

I have a Chromebook, and it's pretty slick!

I am hoping that Windows/Android development will include the Chrome OS, though it's not Android.


  • AliasAlias Posts: 1,842Member
    Same here, I would love to see Chromebook support in the future.
  • SirSlothSirSloth AmericuhPosts: 1,399Member
    Did you get it for your b-day?! That's awesome! :D
    I would still prefer my MacBook, although a Chromebook seems more portable.
  • PhilosopherPhilosopher Posts: 1,250Member
    edited March 2013
    If the developers really want to port a multiplayer game like Deepworld to the Chrome OS, while retaining cross platform support (Mac, Windows and Linux included), Native Client has that potential, but not yet realized.

    The biggest obstacle from using Native Client is that multiplayer/networking support may be limited from reading Google Developer FAQs.

    This Unity3D article is very old (2011), however this is related to Native Client development:

    Official Unity3D's Getting Started on NaCl (same thing as Native Client):
  • PhilosopherPhilosopher Posts: 1,250Member
    I keep hearing about the Windows development of Deepworld through Unity3D, so is it safe to assume Deepworld will roll out to all OSes under one build (iOS, Android to Mac, ChromeOS, Windows)? I wonder.
  • GuardofthedragonGuardofthedragon Stargate CommandPosts: 2,623Member
    I doubt it. Macs and Windows usually run very different versions of the same program as macs can't run exe's etc etc
  • DuckysOnQuackDuckysOnQuack Posts: 14Member
    this would be awesome lmao

  • vmh20vmh20 Minneapolis, MinnesotaPosts: 877Member
    edited January 2018

    this would be awesome lmao


    Try not to gravedig almost 5 year old posts. :)
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