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Christmas wishlist



  • damian100101damian100101 Posts: 3Member
    Onxy weapon upgrade kit only (forum name=in game name)
  • JakeTDJakeTD Posts: 1,371Member

    Onxy weapon upgrade kit only (forum name=in game name)

    errr... This giveaway is over... @damian100101...
  • Shadow711Shadow711 Posts: 883Member
    Hey @JakeTD I respect ya deeply. :)
  • Lord_KyuubiLord_Kyuubi on the internet, boosting my self esteem with inspect element...Posts: 729Member
    Shadow711 said:

    Hey @JakeTD I respect ya deeply. :)

    -could you give me a (insert item here)? ;)
    jkjk lol
  • FallersFallers noisnemid esrever a nIPosts: 1,244Member
    Can I have a onyx compressor? ._.

    I know this post is pretty old, but I don't care. Eh, whatever.
  • Wonder_melon_Wonder_melon_ DANK MAY MAYS ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤPosts: 1,361Member
    KittyKupo said:

    KittyKupo said:

    KittyKupo said:

    Next Christmas I would love to have 1 mega bomb. Simple and effective

    Do you want it like, in your face or in your pockets? :3
    I want to know if you want to use it as exfoliation or if you want it wrapped and stuff.
    I want it right in my earth containing backpack! :p
    Well at least I know one person's gift for christmas! Jeez, this is the earliest I've ever gotten someone a christmas present. We're not even out of january yet!
    I mean if you set a timer, you won't have to get them a gift for next year!
    Great idea! LOL

    @Wonder_melon_ if your gift is ticking, it's just because um... it's also a clock!
    Well I hope it won't give me a BAD TIME :O
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