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Deepworlder of the Week - THE RETURN

lisalisa ice cream parlorAdministrator Posts: 5,129
Let's meet @TwelveFoot . TwelveFoot has been around for a very long time, like a really long time. Maybe if you ask some questions we will get some answers! I'll start.

Hey @TwelveFoot , what's your favourite flavour of ice cream?


  • ShiroNaiShiroNai Back from the dead...maybe?Member, Arbiter Posts: 4,453
    Its back o.O

    TwelveFoot, whats your favorite color?
  • lisalisa ice cream parlorAdministrator Posts: 5,129
    Sirentist said:
    Now you gave a cheat sheet for giving the same answers!
  • ImmaniImmani Member Posts: 17
    @TwelveFoot Do you Like Chocolate
  • ABBYSUPERABBYSUPER killing dem titansMember Posts: 429
    @TwelveFoot do you like narwhals or unicorns better?
  • headgrinderheadgrinder Digging for Wisdom GemsMember Posts: 490
    Do you suffer from pre-cognition or post-cognition?
  • LyvenLyven Shuttered PalaceMember Posts: 6,453
    Do you have a mirror in the room where you sleep?
    If no, why? If yes, how?

    Whats the feeling of being bombarded by questions?

    What is the creepiest experience you have encountered in your life so far?

    Do you prefer hot or cold?

    Fruits or vegetables?

    Why is the sky blue?
  • iamTheloleriamTheloler ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)Member Posts: 188
    @TwelveFoot do you REALLY have twelve foots?
  • EverywhenEverywhen Join the DW discord:, Moderator, Arbiter Posts: 5,081
    Where does your name come from?
  • NerevarineNerevarine IT'S YA GIRLMember Posts: 3,606
    1. Where did you find Deepworld?
    2. What is your hobby?
    3. Do you smell what The Rock is cooking?
  • p1nkbr0p1nkbr0 Like, totally, brahMember, Arbiter Posts: 5,084
    Where were you at 6:00pm tomorrow?
  • GabsterGabster Where tea rules supreme Member, Arbiter Posts: 1,142
    Do you have size twelve feet?
  • SmoothySmoothy LeamingtonMember Posts: 637
    •What's your favorite deepworld item or painting? ( Not judging by rareness).

    •Do you prefer Smoothies.. Or Icecream?
  • PhilosopherPhilosopher Member Posts: 1,250
    How tall are you?
  • SigzhSigzh At St. Lamia, beating stuff with my 6*sMember Posts: 327
    Do you like WAFFLEZ the food not the player cough
  • TwelveFootTwelveFoot Member Posts: 1,305

    @TwelveFoot do you REALLY have twelve foots?

    Everywhen said:

    Where does your name come from?

    Gabster said:

    Do you have size twelve feet?

    How tall are you?

    Sheesh. I'm slightly tall (6' 3"), due to this when I met a group of kids they immediately disregarded my name and only called me TwelveFoot, since I'm "twelve feet tall". I've never understood how they got from barely over six feet to TwelveFoot, but whatever, it made a good username.
  • stingerbee5000stingerbee5000 In a hive.Member, Arbiter Posts: 2,911
    Those are some really stylin bowls.

    What is your process in terms of designing the bowls?

    What's your fav wood type for your bowls?


    How'd you get started in bowl making?

    Can I call you twelvebowl
  • shock_waveshock_wave R.I.P Being activeMember Posts: 501
    What is your favorite food?

    Favorite tv series?
  • derpdeederpdee Dark side of the moon.Member Posts: 1,137
    How long do you think deepworld will last due to layoffs, let goes and monies issues?
  • William2William2 Member, Arbiter Posts: 3,379
    What is your worst fear?

    What's your favorite sport?

    Why do you take a liking to making wood bowls/pots? Those look really pretty!
  • Stormcloud1313Stormcloud1313 Member Posts: 1,011
    How do you know the mirror on your dresser isn't a portal of some sort that has to be activated to work?
  • BlackoutBlackout [email protected] email me if you wanna join ^_^Member Posts: 347

    @TwelveFoot do you REALLY have twelve foots?

    -laughs irl-

    @TwelveFoot do u believe that big foot exist? ^_^
    how bout mermaids?
  • LyvenLyven Shuttered PalaceMember Posts: 6,453
    Can you make 1+1=2 complicated
  • GlobeGlobe Eating Lisa's brainMember Posts: 1,255
    Do you like turtles?
  • KodacKodac Member Posts: 101
    Is it fun to be asked seeming pointless/stalker-like questions?

    Half full or half empty?

    What IS the million dollar question?

    Is there a God?

    ^^If yes, then which of the (estimated) 120,000,000 religous-based Gods is real, or are all of them :open_mouth:

    Is there life on other planets?

    Have aliens visited Earth?

    What is the breakfast of Champions?

    What is the most important characteristic for a good person to have?

    Are all of these questions classified as harassment?

    How do you feel about the Government?

    What is your most prized possession?

    Do you sell those dere bowls you make, cause they are gorgeous!

    Do all of these questions make you uncomfortable?
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