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Millie's Mini Mart



  • MillicentMillicent Millie Hills, Millie Ranch & Millie BellsPosts: 521Member, Arbiter

    Oh, ha! I got my time zone translation wrong!!! I showed up at 11 cst instead of 9!!! I was wondering why everyone was so busy!!! Who won the door prize? Was that a pandora you guys were talking about when I came in?

    EDIT: and the place looks fantastic!!! Some of the best building I've seen in deepworld really! (Though maybe I don't explore builds much...). The entry castle is really fantastic!

    Thanks Headgrinder! I'm not sure what we were talking about when you came in, but we didn't do a pandora. Kukky2 won the stuffed brain since he was the very first visitor, Bulletproof found the prize room and a few diamonds, Jakethewarlord found 2 of 3 onyx. Lots of people got some other goodies...

    I honestly can't remember who all got what. It was a fun time though, and thank you to everyone for dropping by!
    There will be goodies hidden underground "often", so keep an eye out.
  • -CRYSTAL-KING--CRYSTAL-KING- I quitPosts: 1,161Member
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