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Bytebin email response time

Mr_FunderfulMr_Funderful The most funderful place on EarthMember Posts: 22
I sent an email to Bytebin and haven't gotten a response in five work days. Even though it would make me a little sad, a yes, no, or maybe/some response could answer the email. I sent it (Saturday) 9/19/2015 9:57 pm and it is 8kb large. I hope Bytebin can respond by email - no need to make it public in case I sound kind of weird.

As a side topic sometimes I loot a stopwatch (accessory), but can't find it in my inventory. I think it might have happened twice
now, anyone else having this problem?


  • MuneebMuneeb Football Ground.Member Posts: 1,183
    Sorry to hear that bytebin did not responded to your email , there might be some reasons that they didn't but try looking for the stopwatch in the hotbar *the bar on right side which contains items* and try looking for it in the accessories category in inventory if you are still not able to find it come to north market , tell me your in game name and i will give you the stopwatch.
  • William2William2 Member, Arbiter Posts: 3,378
    Hey there! I like you, you seem like a good person :tongue: Sorry about the response time Funderful, but mail normally takes a long time to get checked, and sometimes they won't even respond. If it was about a trading issue or whatnot, they most likely won't respond at all.

    As for the stopwatch, it'll be in your accesory bar. All looted accesories go there when you loot them. Don't fret!
  • Mr_FunderfulMr_Funderful The most funderful place on EarthMember Posts: 22
    I just found the stopwatch, it turns out there are several pages of accessories and I just wasn't looking there. Thanks for all the support though.
  • lisalisa ice cream parlorAdministrator Posts: 5,129
    I do not show an email unresponded to for you. If you would like to resend it feel free, but my guess is that is was a topic that is not something we respond to. Or you can pm me here.
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