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Underground Steam Vent Glitch?

GovernorGovernor Member Posts: 231
So I’m working on a massive project in one of my mini artic worlds. For the passed week i’ve been laying down collectors and pipes, and then placing a furnace to make sure that area was getting steam. Well, as of this morning, the Steam Vents seem to be glitched. The furnaces I’ve already placed are all working, but any new steam powered item i place do not work. If i break one of the working furnaces and place it back in the same spot, it no longer turns on. I’ve confirmed that this is the case with all steam powered items. Now each collector i place is connected to about 15 or 16 items, total there are about 16 collectors in the world and they are not all connected, as i discovered that connecting all the pipes would for some reason cause steam to not reach certain areas, no matter how many collectors you place. I have checked every steam vent in the world, just to make sure it was not one or two broken steam vents. The world is called Parkour Nation, and is currently set to private. I’m not sure if the problem will fix itself or the issue needs to be solved by a developer.


  • derpdeederpdee Dark side of the moon.Member Posts: 1,105
    It does this from time to time. It's lag. It will start working "soon"...
  • GovernorGovernor Member Posts: 231
    Yup, it just started working.
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