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Account Problem

TRYINTRYIN Member Posts: 166
Hey guys I really need the devs email I got a big problem.

I let this guy build for a little while in my city he was building and then I started lagging it kept kicking me out. I tried /wremove it didn't work cause I kept getting kicked. Then I managed to do it But I was still lagging. He stole all my important things and then after that I decided to log out and turn my internet off then on. I try log in though Facebook into the account and it wouldn't let me. I tried my other small accounts they all work fine no lag no problem but I can't get into my main account.

I beleive he's linked to this problem cause it all worked perfect for him as if he knew it was gonna happen I think he messed with my account and I need your help please this isn't another I just got hacked thing I'm being serious.

I didn't give my Facebook password to anybody can anyone help me and please I need the devs email to report this to them.
I know you can't hack deepworld really and that's what I always thought and I always got annoyed when people say they got hacked and thought there just lieing but. By them hacking deepworld it's more like hacking accounts I don't think he can go into my account well I hope not. If I don't say that I solved the problem and you see my account Tryin on please report here.


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