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Pandora's Box

LorthrashLorthrash Member Posts: 616
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How do the rewards work?
I win all the time. We get it to level 15+. I have luck 5. Why do I win tea or plaques or common bulbs?
I think rewards should depend on the level of pandora, player luck, how many kills the player got, and the time pandora was defeated.
Tell me what you think and answer the question please :)
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  • CloudxCloudCloudxCloud EarthMember Posts: 684
    edited October 2015
    Pandora rewards suck in general. I have luck 13 and use to constantly win pandoras. My best prize? A delphinum bulb :neutral:

    EDIT: For how rewards are set, I'd like it to be based on player luck and pandora level. Don't want pandora to become a competitive thing, it should be fun.

    Believe pandora rewards should be slightly upped to include items all players can consider valuable. Ex, crystals and diamonds.
  • LorthrashLorthrash Member Posts: 616
    Thanks, I'm doing it against level 50+ with 15 players sometimes and still winning... Sometimes all I get are plaques or tea
  • Demon_WolfDemon_Wolf Look behind you, am i there? look in front of you, then look behind you again, i'm tripled!Member Posts: 1,425
    5 luck isn't much, though.
  • LorthrashLorthrash Member Posts: 616
    I know, my point is the amount of players
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