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I can't remember email or password to account please help!

Hi I played about 3 months ago and I have been trying to start again my username was Godskillzz or Godskillz, can you check and see which one had purchases on it. I spent money on the game with my steam account and I can show you receipts I bought Premium upgrade and 550 crowns on the account. All I want to know is what email was used with this account and if you can send a email password reset token to the email. Thanks


  • GlobeGlobe Eating Lisa's brainMember Posts: 1,240
    email deepworld@bytebin.com
  • WidyaWidya Doing My Deepworld Project Member Posts: 194
    Do /register to find out your email you used to register with your account
  • SirentistSirentist Member, Arbiter Posts: 8,543
    It appears you created an account for each username, but didn't play either one. However both these accounts were created more than a year ago, not three months ago, so I don't know what's up with that. It's odd that you say you bought premium and crowns on one of the accounts, but you never mined or placed anything in either account. Are you sure this is the account you're thinking about?

  • 1997bioshock1997bioshock Member Posts: 2
    Okay I figured it out! I looked up my multiple user names and found which one it was under thanks! :)
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