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LyvenLyven Shuttered PalaceMember Posts: 6,453
Events are, well, events that will happen randomly in a world. For the world to carry on an event, the world should be purified and 100% explored. Events themselves have their own requirements to spawn. Whenan event occurs, the chat and the screen will display the name of the event. A countdown will appear in the top middle. Clicking the countdown will show you the countdown, the points you earned for contributing,and the event's name and basic info. All mobs spawn will have a 50/50 chance to drop their normal loots, to prevent potential exploits. To better demonstrate, ill show one of my ideas for an event.
The Rise of the Terrapus
*The name of the event

Level: 1
*Everytime an event is succesfully defeated, the level increases by 1. Difficulty is increased (in this particular event, level 2 increases spawn chance of fire terrapus, etc), but the time and requirement stays the same. Mobs will be buffed over time, increasing their defence and attack damage bit by bit. The event ranks up in difficulty every 10 Levels. (Meaning Lvl10 of this event turns this difficulty Easy)

Requirements: 1 Player
*Each event has their own minimum players. It doesnt matter if a player leaves the world, once an event has started, it will continue nonstop till it's times up, which means defeat, all players have left the world, which also means defeat, or you have suffesfully finished the event within the alloted time.

Difficulty: Very Easy
*This is merely a classification. To at least inform players on how hard or easy they are about to take on. Difficulty classifications are Very Easy, Easy, Normal, Hard, Very Hard, and Apocalypse.

Countdown: 5 Min. (+1m,30sec per player)
*The amount of time given to finish the event. If a player joins, the countdown increases depending on the event. In this event's case, if a player joins, 1minuite and 30 seconds are added, but so does the amount of mobs needed to kill. If the same player leaves and enters, the player wont add time anymore.

Objective: Kill 200 Terrapus (+120 per player)
*The amount of specific mobs needed to kill. Same logic as the countdown.

Mobs will spawn around the player (like how the brains spawn when you kill enough of them, and they get pissed off) and will swarm the player. Deaths and Kills will be recorded. Deaths reduce the value of your reward and Kills increase the value of your reward. The lowest reward is 100 Earth, meanwhile, the highest reward is 5 Onyx.

Events accomplished will be a new stat in the player info, as well as in the codex, indicating the Events you have participated, total kills and deaths, best statistics (lowest death count/highest kill count), and the amount of times you have participated in the said event.
Some events will feature passive mobs, but will become hostile in said event. (Crows fly and constantly flies down and "pecks", skunks leave a cloud of gasses like those fart maws in deep biomes, rats "bite" you, etc)
Ill be putting the score board of mobs:
Normal Terrapus: 1
Elemental Terrapus: 2
Queen Terrapus: 3
Baby Brain: 2
Adult Brain: 5
Large Brain: 12
Dire Large Brain: 28
Brain Lord: 66
Automaton: 1
"Medium" Automatons: 2
"Large" Automatons: 3
All peaceful Mobs: 1
Scorpions: 1
Large Scorpions: 2
Revenants: 2
Dire Revenants: 4
Worms: 1
Death: -10
Killing a player (non pvp): -15
Killing a player (pvp): -5
Thats pretty much it. Thanks for taking your time to read, Ill be posting my ideas of events at the bottom. Feel free to post constructive criticism and opinions on the idea.


  • LyvenLyven Shuttered PalaceMember Posts: 6,453
    edited October 2015
    My ideas for events:
    Brain Revolution
    Requirements: 3 Players
    Difficulty: Very Hard
    Countdown: 12 Min (+3m)
    Kill 100 Adult Brains (+20)
    Kill 50 Large Beains (+5)

    Lvl10: 15 Min (+3m, 15sec)
    Kill 200 Adult Brains (+22)
    Kill 75 Large Brains (+10)
    Kill 10 Dire Large Brains (+2)

    Lvl20: 20m (+3m, 30 sec)
    Kill 300Adult Brains (+25)
    Kill 125 Large Brains (+18)
    Kill 30 Dire Large Beains (+6)
    Kill 5 Brain Lord (+1)

    The tortured
    Requirements: 3 Players
    Difficulty: Hard
    Countdown: 10min (+1m)
    Objectives: Kill 500 Evil Bunnies (+50)

    Lvl 10: 11 min (+1m, 30 sec)
    Kill 750 Bunnies (+80)

    Lvl 20: 12 min (+2m)
    Kill 1,000 Bunnies (+120)

    Requirements: 6 Players
    Difficulty: Hard
    Countdown: 15 min (+1m, 30 sec)
    Objectives: Kill 500 S Automatons, Kill 250 M Automatons, Kill 100 L Automatons

    Lvl 10: 17 min, 30 sec (+2m)
    Kill 750 S Automatons
    Kill 350 M Automatons
    Kill 150 L Automatons

    Lvl 20: 19 (+2m, 30 sec)
    Kill 1000 S Automatons
    Kill 500 M Automatons
    Kill 250 L Automatons
  • Demon_WolfDemon_Wolf Look behind you, am i there? look in front of you, then look behind you again, i'm tripled!Member Posts: 1,425
    I think even one onyx is too much, the events themselves should be expensive to start, and maybe need an "Event Machine" or something, for example:
    Event Machine:
    Terrapus event only.
    Max. Level: 10
    Diamond Event Machine:
    A few more events
    Max. Level: 45
    Onyx Event Machine:
    All events
    Unlimited Level (Or 200/250)
  • LyvenLyven Shuttered PalaceMember Posts: 6,453
    Forgot to add
    Events only happen once a week on worlds, plus for you to get onyx, you need to have like 2K points. Honestly, thats a feat worth giving an onyx.
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