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Is Halloween Loot Coming Back?

JusticeGamingJusticeGaming Hi, I'm Robin.Member Posts: 932
edited October 2015 in General
So last year Deepworld got some pretty cool new things and I was just wondering, is this planned to happen again? Maybe new decorations and some new blocks or mobs? I was just curios, if anyone knows anything it would be pretty neat to know, see you all on Halloweeny, I got me googly glasses ready! : D


  • Demon_WolfDemon_Wolf Look behind you, am i there? look in front of you, then look behind you again, i'm tripled!Member Posts: 1,425
    Next Halloween, the Halloween loot is coming back, so you gotta prepare for more skele-faces and coffins :mrgreen:
  • SmoothySmoothy Definitely not drinking a Smoothie ATM...Member Posts: 636
    I looted the skeleton mask thing.
  • derpdeederpdee Dark side of the moon.Member Posts: 1,057
    I,looted 3 coffins so far. If you would like to check them out go to my world "the skull"...
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