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First thoughts

KillingUGirlKillingUGirl Member Posts: 75
edited October 2015 in Gripes and Grins
Ok so I've played deep world for just a week now and here are my initial thoughts. This is a fun game, keeps you entertained for hours. I'm only level 21 but I've built a huge mall, a huge theme hotel, a secret underground lab, a skyport and a beach resort. I mean what could be be more fun than that. So the game definitely has its pluses. One negative thing though that I have noticed is that everyone meet wants something lol. People come to my world and I'm so happy to see them " hello welcome". Come visit my secret lab lol, check out the mall. and 9 times out of 10 the first response is always hi, do you have... Or gimme this! Down anyone in this game work lol? I'm very generous so sometimes I feel like Walmart or Home Depot. I am the source of many players supplies now lol, which I don't mind I have a ton, But everyone seems to be this way, the community is all about gimme gimme gimme which makes me sad. I'm very happy to help but let's give and take. Most never even say thanks it's like your expected to give to them and if you don't they call you very bad names I'd rather not repeat :(. I see people visit my places all the time and the first thing I see them do is try to mine all my stuff. Fortunately it's protected but come on seriously I'm standing right in front of you. I keep putting signs up by the teleporter to help people find things but 10 minutes later if I don't protect them there gone. I mean I've built all this stuff in just a week by mining and exploring lol if people would just put in effort they could have anything but I guess it's just easier to beg, coerce and steal. I just wish there a better community feel, like you could be with others and build cool things and explore together and not be the deep world welfare office. The game is Great thus far the community not so much.


  • iain2318iain2318 Plotting my revenge in a dark caveMember Posts: 513
    I hate greifers one stole all my rares :( and don't give stuff away because if you give a man an inch he will ask for a mile.
  • vin_venturevin_venture Minion Training Facility 274Member Posts: 1,200
    Ditto what everyone else has said, and welcome to Deepworld!
  • KillingUGirlKillingUGirl Member Posts: 75
    Lol thanks hopefully I meet some of you all in game sometime cuz the people I do aren't anything like you all lol!!
  • shock_waveshock_wave R.I.P Being activeMember Posts: 501
    Welcome and dont worry there are always good people! :smiley:
  • AspireAspire Member Posts: 347
    Im sure we will cross paths eventually lol
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