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Which graphics did you like better?

FreshXFreshX I ate air todayMember Posts: 1,345
edited October 2015 in General
My first poll was about how if we should get the old graphics back and then all of a sudden I start seeing about how it's Quinn this and Quinn that and I'm tired of hearing Quinn. So I just want to know which graphics do you like better? I don't want to change them (according to my other poll) I just want a simple question to have a simple answer. And if you start to bring up this Quinn crap I will consider you a idiot.

Which graphics did you like better? 13 votes

I like the old graphics better than the new graphics
FreshXGlobeDominus_Mortis 3 votes
I like the new graphics better than the old graphics
awesomeo13William2AquaPhynnMuneebJusticeGamingderpdeeDemon_WolfDeathSwagga[Deleted User] 9 votes
They seem to be 50/50 to me
jellysnake 1 vote


  • jellysnakejellysnake http://jellysnake.net/Member Posts: 6,323
    They seem to be 50/50 to me
    My name is Quinn
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