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the use of furniture is important, wether it's the exesive use of it, or the abscense of it. I noticed there was no guide for the use of furniture, so here's one now.

Let's get this said first, " furniture " is the use of items that can be placed infront of backdrops and are not blocks.

Furniture is a major part of building. It gives areas more detail and makes a build more complete. This is a list of creative furniture that'll dapper up your builds

Mounted Gun ( Gun Stock + Gun Barrel )
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When I think of creative furniture, I first think of this because it appeared out of nowhere, and I saw it pop up alot. It was so simple but creative.

Shambles ( Light Cord + Industrial Light )
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My favorite piece of furniture, it makes the ceilings of your build look great, take up space above a build, and give lighting.

SteamPunky Piano ( Piano + PhonoGraph + Plant )
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Why settle for the piano when you can d-d-drop the bass with this one?

Realistic Tables n Chairs ( Chair + Table + Wine Bottle/Pet Bowl )
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Arranging your chairs like this makes it more detailed and realistic, plain and simple.

Cloud's Fence ( Street Lamp + Copper Backdrop + Wooden Fence + Fancy Wood Backdrop + Wooden Bridge Block + Wooden Railing + Shelf )
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Personally my favorite fence. To be able to create this type of fence you need to have your order correct, Street Lamp > Copper Backdrop > Shelf > Wooden Bridge Block > Wooden Railing.

The Contraption ( Steam Generator + Forge + Collector + Furnace + Control Panel )
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The Contraption can look very different and will vary depending on the order and place you place the items.

A Giant Clock, But With Pipes ( A Giant Clock, But With Pipes )
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You get it already

Due to the time i'm posting this, I can't add more furniture. More furniture will be added as they come.

There are many ways to make a fence, how about posting your own version of a fence?

I'd like players who find furniture they like and post it here on this thread.
Please like the thread so I know people appreciate the time I put into the thread *Smiley Face*


  • CloudxCloudCloudxCloud EarthMember Posts: 684
    Here's a piece of super spooky halloween furniture
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
  • SirentistSirentist Member, Moderator, Arbiter Posts: 8,681
    Layering is cool, isn't it?

    Sadly, layering appearance is version-dependent at the moment. So someone on an iPad will see it completely differently from someone on a PC. Sadface!
  • iain2318iain2318 Plotting my revenge in a dark caveMember Posts: 513
    Here's a better gallows (ignore the first picture)
    1024 x 768 - 742K
    1024 x 768 - 666K
  • -CRYSTAL-KING--CRYSTAL-KING- I quitMember Posts: 1,161
    This is epic! Ill be sure to use some of these in my world! Thanks cloud
  • LorthrashLorthrash Member Posts: 616
    Nice designs.
    [WARNING-Do not quote clouds designs...]
  • dragonkiller177dragonkiller177 Member Posts: 419
    edited October 2015

    Anyways Thanks for these!
    They'll come in help if I ever build a house...
    Which should be soon after the android version is out

  • CloudxCloudCloudxCloud EarthMember Posts: 684
    No problem, mind doing me a favor and removing the quote? As you say it unneccesarily takes up alot of space.
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