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Haunted House of DOOM!!

Hello everyone! The Haunted House of DOOM (scary huh), is now open!! Please feel free to come visit. This is a BEGINNER to INTERMEDIATE dungeon of sorts so if your an advanced player with high skills, while your certainly welcome, it may not be very challenging for you ;(

The House of DOOM is located in Wiglew Ridge, and please be nice, this was built by mainly beginners so keep that in mind. And your welcome to visit The Mall, The Chateau, and The Secret Lab (shhh.....dont tell anyone), while your there!

See you in Game :)
2048 x 1536 - 2M
2048 x 1536 - 2M
deep5 copy.jpg
2048 x 1536 - 2M
2048 x 1536 - 2M
2048 x 949 - 1M


  • Demon_WolfDemon_Wolf Look behind you, am i there? look in front of you, then look behind you again, i'm tripled!Member Posts: 1,425
    I'm not gonna tell anyone about the secret lab, except mom, and dad, and my gfs, and my friends, and facebook, and twitter, and tumblr, and put some posters everywhere.

    Anyways, gonna try that soonish.
  • KillingUGirlKillingUGirl Member Posts: 75
    edited October 2015
    Sounds good, as long as you keep it a "secret" :) after all it is a "secret" lab, the giant sign we put on it that shows up on the map for all to see says so.
  • KillingUGirlKillingUGirl Member Posts: 75
    ok so maaaaybe this isn't quite a beginner experience haha! If you are a beginner ill turn the guns off :)
  • MillicentMillicent Millie Hills, Millie Ranch & Millie BellsMember, Arbiter Posts: 521
    I still had trouble! I stink so bad at parkour anything! You did a great job though @KillingUGirl
    It was more than worth it just to see the gigantic ho.... Oh, I'm not telling! You have to go visit to see what I'm talking about! :wink:
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