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Still down for maintenance...

KillingUGirlKillingUGirl Member Posts: 75
Ok I can handle this...take deep'll be up soon, right? I mean surely it'll be back up soon it's only been like 10 minutes. know I'll go clean my room, nah, not that desperate. Maybe go for a walk, or can start that book I've been waiting to read it back yet? Nope, hmmmm. How bout now? Nope....Ok now? Still nope.


  • KillingUGirlKillingUGirl Member Posts: 75
    How bout now?
  • X_Onyx_XX_Onyx_X Member Posts: 275
    Still no? It seems to work for me...
  • KillingUGirlKillingUGirl Member Posts: 75
    Yay!! Yep it's back up ;)
  • KillingUGirlKillingUGirl Member Posts: 75
    edited October 2015
    Please disregard my previous ramblings, that was my, um, sister or something.
  • X_Onyx_XX_Onyx_X Member Posts: 275
    Always the sister xD....
  • iain2318iain2318 Plotting my revenge in a dark caveMember Posts: 513

    Yay!! Yep it's back up ;)

    Lol 15 mins to fix it
  • Dominus_MortisDominus_Mortis I am being super super super super super super super super super SUUUUPER good. Mmkay? Kay.Member Posts: 947
    Found out the devs we replacing queen terrapi in times.
  • Demon_WolfDemon_Wolf Look behind you, am i there? look in front of you, then look behind you again, i'm tripled!Member Posts: 1,425
    If you need a timespender, buy a David Copperfield from a bookstore :smiley:
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