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New Player Reactions

CattsworthCattsworth Nowhere. Or Dead.Posts: 769Member
edited March 2013 in Off-Topic
Like Conez and Anubis I am also going to be experimenting with this project of creating a new account, to examine how the average Deepworld player will react to various things. For example I will be asking to join guilds, get some starter items, come in to a locked house, and so on. I will be posting the reslts here. :)


  • DaMorlockDaMorlock Posts: 3,641Member, Arbiter
    Please forgive me if you happen to spawn right next to me in PvP and I kill you,
  • ClueboeClueboe The AoD Headquarters... Wherever it is...Posts: 2,302Member, Arbiter
    It seems like everyone is doing this now. Soon, the whole world will be filled with players pretending to be new players! :))
  • AuraAura EnglandPosts: 5,075Member, Arbiter
    Try not to meet me, ill kill you, PvP or not
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