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Biome Control Blocks

Mr_FunderfulMr_Funderful The most funderful place on EarthMember Posts: 22
I think I heard a rumor about biome changing (in a controlled area) so I thought of a simple and non exploitable biome changing system. Each biome will have a block that can be placed in a protector range. When placed the area between the block going to the circumference will become that biome. Their will be six blocks in total, one for each biome. To give an example, Think of a micro protector. If you place the hell biome block directly above it, approximately 1/8th of the protector range will be hell. If it is farther away, a smaller area will be hell biome. The farthest block away from the protector overrides the previous biome. To clear it up I designed this image. As you can see the hell block (red) caused about 1/8th of the protector range to be hell (red also) and note the biome changes from the side of the block facing out from the protector and towards its range border. The desert (light tan) block was farther from the protector than the arctic (pale blue) and therefore it was desert from there to the border.

Block Appearance
Normal (temperate): Brown or green block - brown when purified, green when acidity is 1-100%
Arctic: Blue/ice colored block
Desert: Sand colored block
Deep: Dark gray colored block
Hell: Red colored block
Brain: Pink or purple colored block

Questions and Answers:

Q. Why would you want this?
A. Certain plants can only be grown in certain biomes as with certain blocks and statues (example: ice blocks and ice statues can only be placed in the arctic)

Q. How would players obtain these blocks?
A. They begin to be lootable at luck 9, can be traded, or purchased by crowns (50 crowns for one of each or 10 for one of your choice).

Q. Does the biome condition extend on to multiple protectors if their ranges are connected and the owner is the same?
A. No.

Q. Would the background change?
A. No, but the rain, mob spawns, and placeable items do.

Q. Let's say there is an ice sculpture in an ice biome condition, but the player mines the ice biome block, will it disappear?
A. It'll just go back into their inventory.

Any comments, questions, concerns, quagmires, concepts, ideas, suggestions, and/or support are appreciated. Also, should these blocks actually be a background? (if you think so please say so).


  • DetectiveAlphaDetectiveAlpha In a space rift, currently stuck above England.Member Posts: 101
    Nice Arguements and Solutions, Might Be Worthit
  • Mr_FunderfulMr_Funderful The most funderful place on EarthMember Posts: 22

    Nice arguments and solutions, might be worth it.

    Thanks, I was trying out a new style of including information into my threads.
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