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Deepworld on the Cheap - Tips

AtolaAtola Member Posts: 45
edited November 2015 in General
As of writing this I've just played about 4 months of deepworld and feel that i've done fairly well while only spending a few dollars at the start for premium, which was also not really necessary, as it can be gotten from free crowns. I have all onyx accessories and tools that I really want for my main character, and a few M3 cannons, and almost have a complete onyx exoskeleton. So I thought I'd share some tips.

You can see my current stats at

1. Get perception to 3, and mining to 4 and engineering to level 5 as fast as soon as you can. This enables you to see what has not been explored and be able to raid dungeons, which allows you to get more experience quicker. After you have this there are Lots of ways you can go first, but these are skill points you will never regret spending.
2. Play on the largest device possible while exploring. I explore on a computer with a large monitor. The larger the monitor on the device your using the more you are allowed to see. The more you can see the more you can get. There are negatives to using the PC compared to a tablet, but on the whole its a positive!
3. Crowns:
-Use something Other than a PC so you can get free crowns. I spend about 20 min a day "hunting" for crowns on my iphone while waiting in line or on the crapper...
- Try to only spend your free crowns on things that can't be sold in game. LIke exoskeletons. Or premium membership. Or even perhaps a world.
- You can get free crowns from in game loot. But its not dependable or enough. I've gotten only about 60 crowns over the 4 months from loot.
4. Consider making non-premium alts for at least horticulture, and another for automation if butler bots interest you. Don't put any points into these on your main. You will need to use a second device so your alts can both be on at the same time in order to directly trade items between them. Doing this essentially frees up a lot of skill points for your main while allowing you to have fun with butler bots, and to plant all the flowers.
- You may want to wait to make your alts until you have some extra accessories to give/loan to them for leveling them up.
- Some people recommend a builder alt as well - or combining builder and automation. However, if you build a lot trading resources to your builder might be annoying.
5. You will get most of your stuff by trading, so you need to learn how to do it..:
-Learn the common scams so you don't get bit by them. @Sirentist has a nice visual in game listing of most common scams on his/her market world "No fuss trading" above the spawn teleporter.
- Visit the world Nasdaq (owned by @Noobish ) to get a basic understanding of the prices of things, and the relative value of stuff. I have found Nasdaq pricing to be less accurate the less expensive an item is. And some things (turrets for instance) are way out. That said generally the items listed are tradeable between 50% and 150% of the price listed. Its all about having the goods when and where a buyer wants it, if your buying how long the seller has been trying to find a buyer...
-Read the commerce forum here or post questions there to get more specific/up to date prices on what you've found.

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  • CloudxCloudCloudxCloud EarthMember Posts: 684
    I don't know anyone that uses alts for specifically what you listed and I don't recommend creating alternate accounts for floral, building, or automata.

    As a newbie, most will prioritize wealth and proficiency first. Building coming second. It is simply convinient to keep using your main account.

    Don't have a straight disagreement with anything else.
  • AtolaAtola Member Posts: 45
    @cloadxcloud well, let me introduce myself... I use those two alts specifically. I have found it to be very helpful.
  • Wonder_melon_Wonder_melon_ DANK MAY MAYS ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤMember Posts: 1,361
    You know I focused on perception and mining. I should stop giving away onyx though it's not making me any richer...
  • AspireAspire Member Posts: 347
    Atola said:

    @cloadxcloud well, let me introduce myself... I use those two alts specifically. I have found it to be very helpful.

    Whos cload? ^
  • Wonder_melon_Wonder_melon_ DANK MAY MAYS ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤMember Posts: 1,361
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