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Near Disaster

Lexus1Lexus1 North Carolina Member Posts: 404
Whole exploring an undeveloped world I came across a paint bunker. Expecting to find the normal une pipe I could not believe my luck in finding LeapQuest. I took a picture of my luck. It gone into my sidebar so I thought had I then put it away in the opulence category. I explored a little more and found a couple more things and decided to look at my treasure again. It wasn't there. There were my many Une Pipes but no LeapQuest. I signed out do DW thinking it would pop back in. Nothing. I completely shut off my iPad. Nothing. Where was it? I knew I could find the spot since it was so near the top. Nothing. Empty bunker. I then began to look around, did I accidently place it out? Yes, there it was off to the side in an empty area. All that time, that I was log off and on, shutting off my iPad, it was sitting right out in the open for anyone to grab up. All is well that ends well.


  • derpdeederpdee Dark side of the moon.Member Posts: 1,139
    Never ever put anything in the top acc slot unless you want to loose it! Or leave it highlighted with an iPad or iPhone. i always leave my cane or net in top acc slot due to any time you visit a different world it always reverts highlighting or choosing the top acc slot.
  • Lexus1Lexus1 North Carolina Member Posts: 404
    Hey Derp, you know I am finding a new kind of people during these night hours. It is sad. I have just been to two undeveloped worlds and three times I have had people shadowing me and I do all the work of in the dungeon and then they bomb you and they take the chest. It never use to be that way. It use to be people moved on if you had, more or less, claimed a dungeon for the simple fact that you were there. I hate these rude people I am running into at night.
  • AMWhyAMWhy, Arbiter Posts: 1,182
    Saying "at night" is very confusing. Do you mean GMT? My night time is most people's morning or lunch time. For me, the not so friendly players tend to be on in my morning: around midnight GMT.
  • derpdeederpdee Dark side of the moon.Member Posts: 1,139
    I get shadows all the time but I blow um up before they have the chance or trap them with my pro.
  • Lexus1Lexus1 North Carolina Member Posts: 404
    edited November 2015
    No it is almost 3:20 AM EST. I know it is very confusing with so many people being in a different time zone. And Derp I didn't realize I could put a pro out. Thanks for the info. I am not quick enough to blow them up
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