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Deepworld is dying, let's save it!



  • JaceTDJaceTD Your BasementPosts: 55Member
    I agree and also, I've waited very long too for the order of the moon. I guess I'm too excited to flaunt my onyx moon
  • CronicCronic Trip Switch, With my Anonymous BrothersPosts: 29Member
    edited January 2016
    May I say that Deep World has been a very big part in my life. I've spent years (3) and almost 30 days spent of hours on the game, and it's going down hill FAST! Scammers,Greifers,beggars, and so much more, and now this! DDoS attacks, water bombs glitching, AND ON NEW YEARS I CAN'T SAY HELLO TO MY FRIENDS....Yes I happen to agree deepworld is going down hill, and I want it to change. For the years I've spent shouldn't go down hill. I've put a lot into this game. I remember the old graphics and how people quit cause it changed. We can re-cover IF WE STOP DOING THE PROBLEM! Now I'm no genius and deepworld is dieing not cause of 1 or 2 people.... Not cause of admins alone....Not cause of scammers alone.......ITS ALL OF US! And we can gripe and fight about this but it's us making the problem, new players quit cause of YOU! And even my self I can say that I contribute to the problem. WE ALL DO! if we do OUR part helping donating to newbies. NOW ARE WE GOING TO TALK AND BICKER OF THE PROBLEM OR ARE WE GOING TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! THANK YOU! -Drops mikrephone-
  • SpyroSpyro We're only people (And theres not much anyone can do about that)Posts: 1,705Member, Arbiter
    Considering how many people floated over to forums because they depended on Deepworld so much, I'm gonna say Deepworld is fine.
  • Shadow711Shadow711 Posts: 883Member

    *That's how I feel when I often get surrounded by beggars. I help most,but there is always that person that wants a onyx or onyx worth items.. -_-*
  • NewGenerationNewGeneration Singapore Posts: 268Member
    Deepworlds impending doom
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