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Hell world

KillingUGirlKillingUGirl Member Posts: 75
edited November 2015 in iOS and Mac Clients
The last expiator part is located in an infernal protected area. And unfortunately although we have been able to almost get by it with about 400 jerkey :) I blew up the switch to the door we need into. Any thoughts? Lol!!!
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  • AMWhyAMWhy, Arbiter Posts: 1,182
    What world? Glitching is possible.
  • KliuqardKliuqard I'll actually put a location. Las Vegas, Nevada. Stalk me now.Member, Arbiter Posts: 4,035
    I believe I can manage, possibly.
  • KillingUGirlKillingUGirl Member Posts: 75
    Never mind @derpdee came to my rescue again!! ;)
  • KillingUGirlKillingUGirl Member Posts: 75
    edited November 2015
    Thank you @Kliuqard and @AMWhy for the offers it was a tough one
  • derpdeederpdee Dark side of the moon.Member Posts: 1,128
    Boom, I am Tay smarts. Spelled f.a.r.t...lel

    Thanks for letting me help you. Was fun...

  • LadySkrillexLadySkrillex At coachellaMember Posts: 791
    Darn it, I'm too late aren't i
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