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Wanderlust (Market/Giblet Farming World)

Xx_Waffles_xXXx_Waffles_xX [Deleted]Posts: 676Member
edited November 2015 in Come and Visit...
So, this is regarding my previous thread on the world back then known as Hyperborea. This thread will hold updates along with some screenies as the world progresses, basically a follow-up to the old thread. You can visit the old thread to learn the basic purpose of the world here
Any suggestions or support is appreciated!


  • Xx_Waffles_xXXx_Waffles_xX [Deleted]Posts: 676Member
    edited November 2015
    Here are the pictures of the spawns, there is another one in progress, but i keep thinking 5 is way too much, especially for a market world. PS: These pictures were taken off the original thread
    PPS: Does anyone remember a way to enlarge the below images? Like have them appear along with the text, i have forgotten
    228 x 128 - 22K
    228 x 128 - 26K
    228 x 128 - 28K
    228 x 128 - 10K
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