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Free stuff! (Building Supplies and Starter accessories)

KittyKupoKittyKupo Laying in a sunbeamPosts: 2,251Member
edited December 2015 in Collaborations
Free stuff to anyone who would like it. It's mostly building supplies. My list may be a bit confusing, I copy pasted from my last thread about this. I'll edit it as I go. :3

This part is separated by how many I have.

-Fancy Glass Backdrop
-Limestone Brick
-Red Brick
-Brick Backdrop
-Mixed Brick
-Mixed Brick Backdrop
-Blue Brick
-Blue Brick Backdrop
-Stone Railing

-Stone Backdrop
-Stone Brick
-Grey Cobblestone Backdrop
-Grey Cobblestone Block
-Rope Bridge Block

-Roofing (blue)
-Small Roof Edge(blue)
-Large Roof Edge (blue)
-Brown Roofing
_Small Brown Roof Edge
-Large Brown Roof Edge
-Spanish Roofing
-Small Spanish Roof Edge
-Large Spanish Roof Edge
-Rope Bridge End
-Rope Bridge Railing
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------(This part is separated by function)
-Wood Door x25
-Wood Trapdoor x25
-Wood Ladder x125
-Brass Door x10
-Brass Trapdoor x25
-Brass Ladder x125
-Staircase x25
-Rope Ladder x150
-Chest x15
-Large Chest x10
-Bucket x10

-Small Wood Sign x5
-Large Wood Sign x5
-Small Iron Sign x5
-Small Copper Sign x5
-Large Copper Sign x5
-Small Brass Sign x5
-Large Brass Sign x5
-Plaque x5
-Hanger x5
-Note x5

-Lantern x135
-Floorlamp x10
-Candle x190
-Small Fireplace x10
-Large Fireplace x10
-Light Cord x28
-Festive Lights x5

-Mirror x5
-Tall Mirror x5
-Wardrobe x5
-Chair x5
-Cabinet x5
-Bookshelf x15
-Table x55
-Bed x5
-Wastebasket x55

-Paper x35
-Gold Damask Wallpaper x230
-Faded Floral Wallpaper x50
-Art Deco Wallpaper x95
-Blue Quatrefoil Wallpaper x80
-Chartreuse Damask Wallpaper x85
-Red Damask Wallpaper x230
-Blue Crab Wallpaper x50
-Yellow Damask Wallpaper x90
-Pink Quatrefoil Wallpaper x2360 (no idea why I have so much of this)
-Vibrant Floral Wallpaper x200
-Blue Lattice Wallpaper x330
-Space Wallpaper x210
-Wood Post x5
-Wood Fence x30
-Fancy Wood Fence x20
-Iron Fence x450
-Fancy Iron Fence x560
-Tall Iron Fence x25
-Fancy Tall Iron Fence x10
-Chain x10
-Rope x10
-Knotted Rope x500
-Iron Post x10
-Weathervane x5

-Bullets x50
-Spikes x400
-Large Spikes x400

-Battery x200
-Canister x300
-Brass Flashlight x7
-Stopwatch x1
-Pocketwatch x1
-Survival Knife x3
-Mining Gloves x4

-Switch x20
-Timed Switch x15
-Touchplate x10
-Finish Touchplate x10
-Mechanical Door x15
-Fancy Mechanical Door x10
-Mechanical Trapdoor x10
-Large Mechanical Trapdoor x10
-Toolbox x10
*Collector x10
*Furnace x10
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