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Making world Public but still keeping private

Lexus1Lexus1 North Carolina Member Posts: 404
I need to open the a world to the public but still want to keep it private. How does that work? Will people be able to leave notes. This is a Farewell to Aspire world. We don't want anyone tearing it apart but would like the ability for people to say goodby and good luck


  • awesomeo13awesomeo13 New york, New YorkMember Posts: 5,951
    Don't think that there is a way to do a Private to Public to Private again, unless they changed it.

    You could, however, add someone who wants to write/build something, then remove them afterwards. Its a bit more work, but it's safer.
  • ShiroNaiShiroNai Back from the dead...maybe?Member, Arbiter Posts: 4,453
    We figured it out. She was talking about /wpublic on
  • Wonder_melon_Wonder_melon_ DANK MAY MAYS ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤMember Posts: 1,361
    edited November 2015
    You can make it private world public. But you need to wait to do it again.
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