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Aporia Guild- New Guild

LexiLexi EastPosts: 269Member
Hey Guys, I've recently made a new guild it's called Aporia the home base for it is The Last Hour it's a market world, Currently I'm the leader ( Lexi.) And there are no real requirements to join only that your kind and polite and haven't had scamming history. If you'd like to join just follow Lexi. And then write down your name and maybe why you'd like to join and I'll hit you up on PM -Cheeers - Lexi.
Also I'm up for any alliances if any guild leaders are reading this ^_^


  • LexiLexi EastPosts: 269Member
    Update - world name is now aporia - and just comment your name I'll find you - 22 members now.
  • Steve777Steve777 Jumping through time. 1 s/second.Posts: 1,233Member
    I need a guild so I might as well.
  • LexiLexi EastPosts: 269Member
    Ok I'll add ha pm me when your on

  • NewGenerationNewGeneration Singapore Posts: 268Member
    May your guild be a success :smiley:
  • Dominus_MortisDominus_Mortis I am being super super super super super super super super super SUUUUPER good. Mmkay? Kay.Posts: 950Member
    @Asuna eventually every guild gets a skemmer.
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