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Choose a android

CloudxCloudCloudxCloud EarthMember Posts: 684
edited December 2015 in Collaborations
I'm working on a project and would like players to pick a android.

Parts of the map will be bases for the five android factions, currently un-named. The ammount of votes on a android will decide how large their faction will be. Voters may also create the lore for their voted faction, name, etc. It'd be much wanted and appreciated.

Ex. I vote for Zona. I want Zona's faction name to be " Jelly Bellies ", a ruthless faction that wield giant gummy worms.

Choose a android 43 votes

ShiroNaiLyvenLittyKittyCleoAdkins007ScribbzFallersLexi 7 votes
SpyroiiUb3rdrxginItzDenniszRetro_ChowEzylribeMuneebSteve777FreshXGilbyPIPTR0SH4D0WGlobeHowl.shock_waveSmoothyDominus_MortisElectroxzombiecatcher-CRYSTAL-KING-Joshwill95 22 votes
p1nkbr0awesomeo13William2vmh20Cronic 5 votes
Sir_AthurChatotTheParrotCloudxCloudWonder_melon_Hazmanadomdc263 6 votes
VengeAMWhyLucifer 3 votes


  • PIPTR0PIPTR0 Brating those testy snot-board beats with nosesMember Posts: 3,641
    Franklin is on money, so make them a power-hungry nation that makes their armor out of money!!!
  • awesomeo13awesomeo13 New york, New YorkMember Posts: 5,951
    Perhaps the name can be "Order of the Grand Cog" and it can be a faction of religious zealots.
  • LyvenLyven Shuttered PalaceMember Posts: 6,453
    Faction of the Non Liars, Order of Honesty
    -Faction full of people who believe in the value of honesty

    (Why Honesty? Because its the faction of the non liars. You know...Natalie...Nat-a-lie....not a lie...yeah, im stupid.)
  • William2William2 Member, Arbiter Posts: 3,379
    The faction could also be called "Grace of Science" and be focused around knowledge, like the Erudite in Divergent, except non-corrupted.
  • SmoothySmoothy LeamingtonMember Posts: 637
    Since I found Franklin... I vote him. His faction would be "Smoothness" they are peaceful but once provoked they ride giant shrimp that dink piña coladas into battle! Yeah.. Did I get that right?
  • CloudxCloudCloudxCloud EarthMember Posts: 684
    Looks like there was a sneaky beaky android, heniritta.
  • GlobeGlobe Eating Lisa's brainMember Posts: 1,262
    Franklin, from gta 5
  • CloudxCloudCloudxCloud EarthMember Posts: 684
    edited December 2015
    Alrighty, pretty pleased with these results. So far the lore for these factions will be:

    Faction: Order of Honesty
    Backdrop: A mini-society that value honesty. The faction is unstable with everyone's intentions being known. The only things keeping the society from breaking is common enemies and fear. The faction's fearful population and unpredictable nature keeps their opponents wary.

    Faction: Smoothness
    Backdrop: Smoothness is the most dominant and powerful faction, as percieved. They have a stable society and appear to be the perfect democratic, peaceful country. Yet it will use any reason to invade the other factions and even create reasons to.

    Faction: Grace of the grand cog
    Backdrop: This society is very advanced and uses old religous traditions, culture, etc. It's a theocracy that focuses on finding any leads, information, anything about " The Grand Cog ". Their will, technology, and tenacity make them a fearsome faction.
  • p1nkbr0p1nkbr0 Like, totally, brahMember, Arbiter Posts: 5,084
    My choice was eggcellent. WE HAVE TECHNOLOGY!
  • CloudxCloudCloudxCloud EarthMember Posts: 684
    Going to take advantage of the many players on the forums. -bump-
  • VengeVenge Not from Earth, I think...Member Posts: 440
    What, no ones voting for Martha? GO MARTHA!
  • CronicCronic Trip Switch, With my Anonymous BrothersMember Posts: 29
    Grace is a power hungry heartless faction named "Quick Crit" they'll wipe your ass before you can scream "MOMMY!!!!"
  • CaptainSkylerCaptainSkyler Member Posts: 8
    edited January 2016
    i chose martha because i saw a simikar character in a minecraft series called mianite and nit many ppl vote for her, and i want her faction to be "Mianite" a faction with peace, evil, and a balance to make things equal
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