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I can't log in deepworld

xClutchxbroxClutchxbro Posts: 25Member
edited January 2016 in iOS and Mac Clients
OK so I read that DW is under ddos attacks so I knew I couldn't log in but then my friend pm'd me asking where I was but then when I tried to log in after he pm'd me it said DW is under maintenance so I was wondering how my friend was logged in l but anyways what I'm trying to say is does anyone else have trouble logging in right now? If this is in the wrong category then I'm sorry


  • VengeVenge Not from Earth, I think...Posts: 440Member
    Deepworld was playable two to three hours ago so...
  • xClutchxbroxClutchxbro Posts: 25Member
    Venge said:

    Deepworld was playable two to three hours ago so...

    OK yea he sent me that message like 5 hours ago so that must be why I can't play now the for the reply
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