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Good and bad of Deepworld

AMWhyAMWhy 1,241Member, Arbiter
edited January 2016 in Gripes and Grins
Recently I was in Times Square and bought something for 1 onyx. Unfortunately, I had onyx still selected and accidentally placed 3. One player picked them up, refused to return them (I asked nicely) then left.

These things happen, totally my fault as I placed when trying to move around.

I relayed the story later to Globe. and he offered me 3 onyx of his own, no questions asked. I refused but had to post: Despite the odd rotten apple, there really are some great people in Deepworld still!


  • HazmanaHazmana At The Krusty KrabPosts: 548Member
    He gave it to you because you are well-known and nice. - Lol, it's true though.
  • KittyKupoKittyKupo Laying in a sunbeamPosts: 2,251Member
    Aww that was awesome of globe :3
  • SmoothySmoothy LeamingtonPosts: 637Member
    We really do have a great community, despite some flaws.
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