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Some new ideas for catching griefers

cheese17cheese17 Deep inside the crater of a block of swiss cheese in your refrigerator waiting to strikePosts: 172Member
About 8 months ago I posted a thread with an idea on how to secure evidence of griefings. This evidence would make it easier to pinpoint culprits, which could discourage future griefings.
Here's the previous thread:

This month however, with a bit more knowledge of computer science (aka a decent amount of java), and some more people to brainstorm with, I revamped these ideas. For the ideas by me, I tried to make up for points posed in the last thread, such as memory usage and what is deemed worthy of protection. I also took some ideas from the previous thread that I liked.

*Please note that the guestbook and the other ideas are meant to work in tandem
- a guest book feature (can be a world machine, a world owner privilege that can be toggled, etc.)
-would record who left and entered the world and at what time.
-Can only be accessed by the world owner.
-would erase after a week to conserve data

- Ping system:
-Cheesealicious: can mark up to 50-100 blocks in the world that would be deemed “ping-worthy”
-“ping worthy” = if anyone besides the owner mines these blocks, a "ping" is stored for three days with a time stamp and a username
-regardless of whether it is protected by the owner, someone else, or not protected at all
-can be accessed using a world command (/wpings)

-pack of four pros for 100 crowns, cover entire world
-set up by user, similar interface like world machines
-records when a person who is not a world owner mines a block
-creates and stores a “ping”
-ping the first, every 50th block mined, and the last block
-store player number (API password? Competition number?)
-store time
-store coordinate of block
-store block type (compost, brick, plushie, etc.)
-would record for all areas not protected by owner’s protectors
-stored pings would be accessible by tapping on

-/whistory command as seen In Terraria
-tapping on a brick would show all of the players that mined or placed in that specific block.
-would be recorded by dates
-Example: world owner sees a block has been griefed, enters the /whistory command into the console, taps the griefed block, and a tab would appear
TotallyWorldOwner placed: Onyx (12:55pm)
IloveOnyx4lyfe mined: Onyx (7:06pm)

-Recording the mining of only world admin-picked items
-enter the name of the item the admin would like to track
-stores a record of every instance of that item is mined by anyone that is not the world owner

- Any item the owner wishes should be tracked
- Example: if the owner has a garden, compost should be trackable
- Example: if the owner has a building, blocks like brick and stone should be trackable
- What is considered rare and not rare is subjective and can differ from player to player
- I tried to make the ideas as memory-friendly as possible, however I can't account for RAM usage as well because there are too many ways these ideas could be implemented.

Let me know what you guys think!


  • ShiroNaiShiroNai Back from the dead...maybe?Posts: 4,453Member, Arbiter
    The pinch thing might take up too much server space, how about the world owner gets to select which blocks would be pinged? Like rares instead of every block.
  • cheese17cheese17 Deep inside the crater of a block of swiss cheese in your refrigerator waiting to strikePosts: 172Member
    That could work, that would be similar to my idea or FlynnXD's idea. You could chose for every onyx you placed in that world to be pinged. Or you could select a single block that contained an onyx.
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