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Protectors Option

I've been playing this game for quite awhile, and I've used a lot of protectors. I was wondering if Deepworld could optimize protectors like adding people into your protectors instead of the ones who you're following . If you wanted to share 1 of the protector with your friend, you could add him into your protector instead of everyone else who you followed. I think there should be a little bit more options for the protectors instead of just sharing your protectors with everyone else that you followed.

P/S : My opinion only :)

Thank you for your consideration.


  • KittyKupoKittyKupo Laying in a sunbeamPosts: 2,251Member
    I like this idea. You could use commands like how you can add/remove people to your world, only with protectors.
  • SMD.DingDongSMD.DingDong Posts: 23Member
    Yeah, exactly.
  • cheese17cheese17 Deep inside the crater of a block of swiss cheese in your refrigerator waiting to strikePosts: 172Member
    That would make it a lot less risky for people to work on projects together. You could pick people that you trust, I like it :0
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