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Order of the moon - onyx

Joshwill95Joshwill95 Posts: 16Member
edited January 2016 in Questions
I'm now onyx In order of the moon but what's the actual benefits from it?


  • ItzDenniszItzDennisz Ñ͚̮̜͈̥̙͆̇Ư̥̰̓̚L̻̼̖̲̲̱̒͐͒̉̚L͎͙̲̗̝̯̑̔ͭ͡Posts: 2,924Member
    edited January 2016
    VIP status

    First on the agenda is rewarding big spenders. We’re able to keep the game alive - and free for many players - because a small portion of players spend a good chunk of change. That’s basic economics for free-to-play games. (There’s a never-ending debate over how ethical this system is, but we’re not going to dive into that here. Without big spenders, there would be no Deepworld, so it’s a moot point for us.)

    We’d like to give some kind of VIP status to spenders. An Order with bonus perks seems an appropriate reward:

    Buy premium, get honorary Order of the Sun status, 5% xp bonus, 1 daily raffle ticket
    Spend $10, get iron Order of the Sun status, 10% xp bonus, 2 daily raffle tickets
    Spend $25, get brass Order of the Sun status, 20% xp bonus, 3 daily raffle tickets, get a bonus small world
    Spend $50, get sapphire Order of the Sun status, 30% xp bonus, 4 daily raffle tickets, get a bonus normal world
    Spend $100, get ruby Order of the Sun status, 40% xp bonus, 5 daily raffle tickets, get a bonus large world
    Spend $250, get onyx Order of the Sun status, 50% xp bonus, 6 daily raffle tickets, get something even cooler
    Since we’re still trying to offer the full game experience without payment if possible, so we could also offer the xp bonus based on the number of orders you belong to. Thus, if you were ranked in the Order of the Crow and Order of the Lion, you could have a 20% xp bonus (10% for each order). Or you could spend $25. Etc.

    The raffle tickets would be for a daily drawing of crowns or private worlds, etc.

    And yes, bonus worlds would be given retroactively to current big spenders :)

    ETA This is order of the sun, but I couldn't find anything about order of the moon.
    (These things are NOT implemented YET, but WILL be SOON.)
  • Joshwill95Joshwill95 Posts: 16Member
    That still helps a bunch thank you! :)
  • p1nkbr0p1nkbr0 Like, totally, brahPosts: 5,087Member, Arbiter
    The XP bonus DOES work, but they're still in the process of implementing the other aspects.
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