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Onyx Mass Spawner Not Working?

GovernorGovernor Member Posts: 231
I'm noticing that Onyx Mass Spawner isn't producing any mobs despite what configuration i change it to. This was not the case before where it would produce mobs at a rapid rate. Is anyone else having similar problems? @mikelaurence


  • GovernorGovernor Member Posts: 231
    Never mind, problem fixed
  • SirentistSirentist Member, Moderator, Arbiter Posts: 8,683
    It is weird, though. Sometimes I have to reset it a few times in order to get it to work. Sometimes it seems like having maws turned on makes area spawning turn off, even if I have them both on. Sometimes I have to turn maws on and off a few times (exiting the dialogs each time) before both maws and area spawning will work. Eventually the mass spawner usually does what I ask it to, if I'm patient and ask really nicely while petting it and telling it what a good, lovely machine it is.
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