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Onyx Giveaway

DashDash Posts: 26Member
edited April 2016 in Events
If you want to participate in this giveaway you must do the following . Comment "Im Entered" in the comment section and leave your in-game name in it too . There will be 3 players selected on the date April 20th . Here are the prizes .

1st winner will receive 2 Onyx . 2nd winner will receive 2 Orange Crystals . 3rd winner will receive 2 Globes .

Good luck to everyone who enters !

My IGN : [Kai_Dash]

[EDIT] : If you are selected please meet with me a day after the giveaway to claim your prize . If not new winner will be selected or dm/pm me to meet up .

[EDIT] : I've changed the winner date to April 25th , Im so sorry though i've been busy , And i havent been on awhile also



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  • BloonsmineBloonsmine ¯\_(ツ)_/¯Posts: 2,329Member
    i am not entered
  • Lord_KyuubiLord_Kyuubi on the internet, boosting my self esteem with inspect element...Posts: 729Member
    edited April 2016
    im entered!
    ign is Lord_Kyuubi
    tysm for doin this!!!
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  • FallersFallers noisnemid esrever a nIPosts: 1,244Member
    edited April 2016
    I'm entered.
    My IGN is Megalovania.
  • Tannerman14Tannerman14 OblivionPosts: 2,246Member
    edited April 2016
    I'm Entered

    IGN: Tannerman14

    Thx for doing this giveaway!!
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  • vmh20vmh20 Minneapolis, MinnesotaPosts: 884Member
    I'm Entered

    IGN - vmh20
  • William2William2 Posts: 3,382Member, Arbiter
    You're such a nice guy!
  • LordOreoLordOreo In Oreo KingdomPosts: 1,037Member
    I'm entered
  • JakalopeJakalope Tiger Of Hell or DEEPSTYLE spawnerPosts: 130Member
    edited April 2016
    I'm entered
    IGN: Jakalope.

    Hmmm april 20th
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  • _DarkPrince__DarkPrince_ (┛°□°) ┛︵ ┻━┻ Yᵒᵘ Oᶰˡʸ Lᶤᵛᵉ OᶰᶜᵉPosts: 125Member
    I'm entered :smile:
    IGN: ._DarkPrince_.
  • GlobeGlobe Eating Lisa's brainPosts: 1,294Member
    I'm entered
    IGN: GlobeGaming

    I luv dem giveaways, maybe I should host my own
  • LorthrashLorthrash Posts: 616Member
    edited April 2016
    "Im entered!"
    IGN: Lorthrash
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  • SUPREMESUPREME eazy e's wet and wild pool partyPosts: 293Member
    edited April 2016
    Im entered
    IGN: _SUPR3M4CY_
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  • awesomeo13awesomeo13 New york, New YorkPosts: 5,951Member
    I'm entered

    IGN: awesomeo13
  • lilroller717lilroller717 Under mapping on Ark.Posts: 1,563Member
    I'm entered

    IGN: -Gameplay-
  • UNASpartanUNASpartan A college student with a boring sence of humor....Posts: 66Member
    I'm entered!

  • DaCreatorDaCreator In a secret missile launch base inside of Earths corePosts: 93Member
    I'm entered! My ign is Sulfide
  • FreshXFreshX Taking an extended blink. Hold on for a moment. Posts: 1,383Member
    edited April 2016
    Guys! There isn't supposed to be an apostrophe in Im. I will enter correctly...

    Im Entered!

    IGN- FreshX
  • GovernorGovernor Posts: 230Member
    "Im Entered!"
    IGN Governor
  • Tannerman14Tannerman14 OblivionPosts: 2,246Member
    edited April 2016
    FreshX said:

    Guys! There isn't supposed to be an apostrophe in Im. I will enter correctly...

    Im Entered!

    IGN- FreshX

    In my defense, I didn't mean to, I got autocorrected :angry: lol
  • JeanieJeanie FacebookPosts: 97Member
    " I'm entered"
    IGN Jeanie

  • mihimihi Somewhere in the USPosts: 10Member
    "I'm Entered"
    IGN: mihi
  • eufult202eufult202 Posts: 211Member
    ''I'm Entered''
    Ign: eufult202

    Thanks for doing this giveaway :D
  • ZstormGamesZstormGames 2,044Member
    "Im Entered"
    IGN: ZstormGames
  • DragonZhaoDragonZhao Posts: 64Member
    edited April 2016
    "Im Entered"
    IGN: DragonZhao
  • XboxGaming102XboxGaming102 Posts: 107Member
    edited April 2016
    "I'm Entered"
    IGN: XboxGaming103
  • ZiLiZhaoZiLiZhao Posts: 1Member
    "Im Entered"
    IGN: Zi-LiZhao
  • X_Onyx_XX_Onyx_X Posts: 276Member
    I've entered!
    IGN: Dzyuba
  • _Huckleberry__Huckleberry_ Surprised if I'm at home.Posts: 130Member
    I'm Entered!
    IGN: .HuckleBerry.
  • JordanJordan LAPosts: 10Member
    I'm Entered
    IGN: Its_Jordan.
  • HazmanaHazmana At The Krusty KrabPosts: 548Member
    Not Entered
    IGN: Anotov
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