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Design Competition

AspireAspire Posts: 347Member
edited April 2016 in Events
Since I created the guild Soldiers of Fortuna I have been working on a guild world for it. Upon coming up with many ideas I could not come up with a way to integrate scales(like the scales of justice) and a cornucopia(the symbol of Fortuna). So since the guild was made to help the community as a whole... I have decided to have the players design a pixel art design about the size of a reg-mega protector radius. The winner will have their design used in the guild world decorating the background of the altar of which the obelisk will stand.

Any other designs may end up decorating the world so I need a lot of designs

To enter just put a screenshot in the comments

Thanks a ton in advance :)

*Prizes are still to be determined for First, second, and third place*
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