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FlammFlamm Posts: 9Member
I'm looking for some recruits for a new guild I made thanks to jack9543 ;)
If anyone is interested message me or comment, anyone is allowed to join for now, so hurry.
Goals: I want my guild to be one of the ones up there, with great players with great reputation, soon it'll be famous and know very well, please help with this wish I have and spread the word!


  • FlammFlamm Posts: 9Member
    Thanks a lot!
  • Hydroblade29Hydroblade29 Posts: 1,818Member
    I already have a guild.
    But I can try to get players to join your guild if you like.
  • HazmanaHazmana At The Krusty KrabPosts: 548Member
    Ambitious guilds. Not saying it's a bad thing, I kinda like ambitious guilds... Like, if Deepworld was more open, I'd have a guild and become the new Deepworld Hitpunch! I wanna invade other Deepworld land and become supreme and ultimate leader of the empire of Deepworld.

    I may have over-acted. Tbh, I'd rather be eating tempura rolls right now.

  • FlammFlamm Posts: 9Member
    Thanks hydroblade
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