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Rock Candy - Early Access

AMWhyAMWhy 1,279Member, Arbiter
edited July 2016 in Come and Visit...
I am developing a new market called Rock Candy. It is different to other markets for one reason: there are no protectors. It is already shaping up to look good. What I need now are players to take it to the next level!

To do the market justice, you have to visit it, but in the meantime, here are a few pictures:






The world is essentially two tunnels that rise up beneath a huge ocean. Branching out occassionally from the main tunnels are small caves that are public areas or will be player owned. The ocean surface is dotted with many small islands, also to be player owned. There are underwater caves and a forest in development. In the future, more caves will be developed to create a large, natural looking world where many players have their input.

Is it finished?
The branching tunnels are complete and he island positions are set. The ocean is half full, with 200 waterbombs of water so far. Roughly another 200 water bombs are needed to complete the ocean. So far, 29 player plots have been set. More on them later.

ADVERTISEMENT: I am buying 200 more waterbombs for the world. If you sell even one, please try to find me!

No pros... How does that work?
The world is set to public protected. That means that only I and carefully selected admin players can place things. This is for several reasons:
1. There will be no random land wasted.
2. No ugly spawners dotted about.
3. No karma gathered from mining spam.
4. All builds will match.
5. No having to fly around awkward, pointless builds.

And more importantly as its a market:
6. No land sale scams.
7. No placed pro scams.
8. No accidental placing of rares.

So how do players build?
First, the player chooses a set plot of land for building. They then either tell me how hey would like to decorate it, or they build a replica in another world for me to copy. Where possible I will place my own rares. The player can give their own rares for placement if they wish. The player retains the right to remove their items at any time, forfitting the land and their one-time payment.

How much is land?
Land costs as much or as little as you'd like. A standard payment will be 1 waterbomb. If you don't have waterbombs, I accept wood, quartz and sand. Again, the amount is up to you. 1 wood is enough. Just don't expect me to be happy!

How big are the plots?
Plots are intentionally small and limited to one pet player. Using 2 accounts is not allowed. If you do, you will be plagued with guilt for deceiving me. The average plot size is roughly 2 micros. These are not areas to put every rare you own. They are areas to advertise you and/or what you sell. If you think about it, shops are pointless. You place items then instead of selling, keep asking players to come and see what you have. If you do finally find someone to buy from you, you then have to go to your shop, pick up the item, then trade it. With this world, as most of the rares in your shop are mine, you are free to carry the real things in your inventory for selling.

Plot types
There are five plot types at present:

Spawn plots: about the size of 2 micros, these plots are off the main corridors. They are in a premium location and will get a lot of traffic passing by.
+location, location, location
-only 3 plots and two have already gone!

Tower plots:
Near the top right, there are two towers, each holding 5 rooms. The player can choose one room for their plot. Each tower is fitted with a plaque for quick tp'ing.
+You have neighbours!
+Quick access.
-You have neighbours?

Private plots:
There are 6 private plots accessible only through diamond teleporter. These are submerged rooms entirely surrounded by water. You can even add your own scuba point if you wish! They are secluded so chat remains private. They can be locked if you wish to prevent intruders.

There are 10 islands. Each is about 2 micros wide. The big plus point is that height isn't an issue (within reason) and so you can make the most of the space given.
+ size
+ open air
- no direct tp. Involves a little flying.

Large plots:
There are several large plots that are for sale if you so wish. Each has its own plaque for tp'ing. These are currently set as public areas but my final intention is to lease them out to keep them fresh. Due to their size and importance, you must be a well-known active player for me to consider selling you one. The price will be different and require a good donation to the world (ideally in waterbomb form, but not necessarily).

Every plot is sold for a one-time low payment. This is renewed FREE yearly just by you saying you want to continue. If you wish to stop using your land, it will be returned to me freely and any rares you placed will be returned to you.
I reserve the right to ban players from the world for repeated bad language, harrassment or otherwise illegal activity. Confirmed scammers will also be banned from the world. Note: Just having someone call you a scammer in chat doesn't warrant a banning. I'd need to see significant proof first; either directly or from one of my admins.

For anyone interested in buying land (buy now before the world is fully opened!), or wants to sell me waterbombs, head to Rock Candy now to see what it's all about.
1136 x 640 - 279K
1136 x 640 - 314K
1136 x 640 - 271K
1136 x 640 - 320K
1136 x 640 - 279K


  • LordOreoLordOreo In Oreo KingdomPosts: 1,037Member
    edited July 2016
    I'd like to buy one of the spawn lands but would it be possible to let me build in the land and when I'm done building change it so you can only build? (Didn't realize all of your spawn wasn't protected)
  • LordOreoLordOreo In Oreo KingdomPosts: 1,037Member
    I would also remove this if you plan on adding water due to people being able destroy water using there shovel.
    2048 x 1536 - 2M
  • GrebebeGrebebe 2Fab4UPosts: 1,007Member, Arbiter
    That sounds like a very neat world, super well organized too! Awesome! Checking it right now :p
  • CleoAdkins007CleoAdkins007 Land of OzPosts: 1,142Member
    Can't wait to see how this world turns out! Not sure if I want to purchase an area, but if I do I'll let you know. Good luck!
  • FreshXFreshX Taking an extended blink. Hold on for a moment. Posts: 1,383Member
    I would love to help.
  • AMWhyAMWhy 1,279Member, Arbiter
    LordOreo said:

    I would also remove this if you plan on adding water due to people being able destroy water using there shovel.

    Good spot! I thought I'd got them all.
  • AMWhyAMWhy 1,279Member, Arbiter
    FreshX said:

    I would love to help.

    No help needed. I just need to get players in. I suppose you could help by advertising!

  • MuneebMuneeb Football Ground.Posts: 1,187Member
    I honestly thought someone made an game and uploaded on steam as early access game.
    Btw the world is really well made!
  • AMWhyAMWhy 1,279Member, Arbiter
    There have been a lot of likes and positive comments about the world, but no comments about the idea itself. Do you think it could work? What possible problems can you see that I can't? All feedback is welcome!
  • GrebebeGrebebe 2Fab4UPosts: 1,007Member, Arbiter
    If you're asking if this could become a popular market, then I'd say no for the simple reason that no one will stop going to times square even if your world is clearly superior (A+ organization and design + amazing idea behind it)
    The best we can do (the ones who like the idea) to help it become popular is make a point to go there instead of elsewhere when we want to trade, say when you need to trade with someone and you're in a non-market world, then you offer to meet at rock candy instead of the usual times square...

    Something that could help make it popular and all could be to regularly organize minigames/raffles/competitions there with a prize to obtain... I really don't know haha, those ideas must not help much given they're super basic and you must have thought of em already I'm sure

    It sucks that people have such a hard time changing their habits... I really do hope your market becomes a thing at some point though, good luck! :)

    Tl;Dr: Your market is pretty much flawless, at least the idea behind it is, but I think it'll be near impossible to make this a thing given people have a veryhard time changing their habits/fav worlds.
  • AMWhyAMWhy 1,279Member, Arbiter
    Thanks for the praise (high praise indeed!). I guess this confirms my thoughts: without sustained huge wealth (Sales / Sanctum) it is very hard (nigh on impossible) to create a popular market. So a self-sustaining popular market is out of the question. As such, I'll try for the most cost effective I can. Regular comps and prizes it is...

    The land part still bugs me though... When the competitions are not on, will the world be empty every time? Especially if people can't build themselves...

  • GrebebeGrebebe 2Fab4UPosts: 1,007Member, Arbiter
    edited July 2016
    AMWhy said:

    Thanks for the praise (high praise indeed!). I guess this confirms my thoughts: without sustained huge wealth (Sales / Sanctum) it is very hard (nigh on impossible) to create a popular market. So a self-sustaining popular market is out of the question. As such, I'll try for the most cost effective I can. Regular comps and prizes it is...

    The land part still bugs me though... When the competitions are not on, will the world be empty every time? Especially if people can't build themselves...


    I see competitions as being a good way of making people check out your world. In order for players to understand the potential your market has, they have to know about it, and hosting competitions is much more effective at bringing new peeps in your world, than simply advertising in other worlds (which is ignored by most, and usually annoying).
    So imo competitions are not only a good way to make people want to come to your world (in an attempt to win the prize) but are also great for making them consider coming there on a more regular basis (cuz they aknowledge the fact that the world in itself is great)

    Ps: I feel like I write in a very confusing way lol, I hope you'll understand -- even if vaguely -- what I'm trying to say xD

    ETA: oh, setting yourself as 'visible' while in your world might also help, I know I got quite a bit of company in my own world doing that :)

    ETA 2: I have to say that I think being able to build in the world is very important.. when you've built your own little house or shop in a world, you ultimately feel a little more attached to said world (even if you remove the player after he finished his build, which I think you should do)
    Someone who's proud of what he's built in a world is most likely going to want his friends to see that build, and that can be a way of bringing people to visit your world frequently. Imo not being able to build is a pretty big issue (I didn't think about it too much before)
    While you've brought up that point, I also think there aren't enough plots available, but that just might be my opinion, I guess you should wait till they're all taken before adding any
    Post edited by Grebebe on
  • -CRYSTAL-KING--CRYSTAL-KING- I quitPosts: 1,161Member
    I agree with Grebebe, hosting a competition in your world is a great way to get it popular. When the competition first started in my world, every day there would be about 21 players on it...but now that most people have finished their builds, I only ever see the odd person checking out the Item Values...
  • AMWhyAMWhy 1,279Member, Arbiter
    I have invested in a selection of giga pros. I think the best thing to do is have a large protected area (still with the land purchased as above) and then open up a public area for building away from the main structures. As the world is /tp enabled, players can use plaques to get to their builds.

    I also have a few competition ideas for when the world is officially open!

    In the meantime, we now have 8 residents in the world. It's a start!

    More plots are planned.
  • AMWhyAMWhy 1,279Member, Arbiter
    Water is nearly ready...


    731 waterbombs and counting...
    1136 x 640 - 151K
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