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Lyrical Gaming

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Heya guys! I've recently started working on a minigame world called Lyrical Gaming! Why is it called Lyrical Gaming, you ask? It's simple: I love music! Lyrical Gaming is currently in the works, and I need you guys to help me out, as I'm a bit in over my head, working on this all by myself. I'd appreciate it immensly if you guys could help me out!
First, I need some ideas for minigames! So far, we have:
  • Switch Door Race
  • Spleef Arena
  • Fashion Contest (Coming Soon)
  • Lottery (Coming Soon)
If anybody could give me some ideas on what to do for more minigames, it would be greatly appreciated!
But, before most building can start, I'm definitely going to need some help clearing the whole world! The only rules are:
-Clear no structures that are player-made, I may use some of my previous builds in Lyrical Gaming!
-Don't mine any plaques
-If you have plaques, try to mark any groupings of maws that are close together and are more than 4 maws, as I may use them in other minigames!
-Do NOT plug maws: Maws are vital to some minigames, and it'd be terrible if we didn't have any maws to make minigames with!
-Do NOT clear the paint bunker- I may use this for a structure as well.
-Do NOT excavate the Recycler dungeon- I am going to try and repair this and use it for something!
-It would also help if you guys could explore any areas, and if you come across any androids, please catch them and mark them with a plaque.
-Let any liquids fall to the bottom of the world.
I have started clearing the right side of the world, and @KittyKupo was super nice and cleared a good chunk of the left side of the world. Thank you, Kitty! You guys can keep any resources and items that you find as well! Note that the world is not public, so if I add you as a member, you will have to search through your members list; you won't be able to search Lyrical Gaming!

What are the requirements for joining and helping me?
You'll need three vouches, as there is nothing protected in this world.

What are the benefits of joining and helping me?
-When Lyrical Gaming is complete, I will award all of you guys 2,000 points. Woo!
-I will let you be an admin: Admins have special privileges, such as running games, reporting misbehaving players to me, and the chance to win admin of the month!

Admin of the Month:
Each month, I will pick an admin that I feel has done an outstanding job, and award them Admin of the month! They will be awarded 1,000 points, some cool free stuff, and a special plaque mentioning them at the spawn for the rest of the month! They will also be placed in the Admin Hall of Fame, so everybody can see what they've done!

Admin Requirements:
Do you want to sign up to be an admin, but you don't think you'll have time to help me dig dirt all day? Well, you can just sign up to be an admin instead!
-You will need 4 vouches, as Adminship is not something I trust everyone with!
-If you sign up to help me excavate the world, you will have to at least have cleared 25 one block columns of dirt, from top of the world to bottom of the world. PM me on the forums once you have done so. I don't want to come off as harsh, but I don't want anybody signing up to help excavate dirt just because of the smaller vouch requirement and then not doing any work! (Slackers!)

It would also be amazing if anybody could donate any of the following:
-Mechanical Doors
-Large Mechanical Doors
-Timed Switches
-Reset Switches
-Big Switches
-Reinforced Copper
-Reinforced Iron
-Reinforced Brass
-Iron Backdrop
-Brass Backdrop
-Copper Backdrop
I retain the right to revoke any adminship as I, and fellow admins and players, deem necessary. If one of my admins comes to me and tells me that another admin has been bullying people, using profanity, cheating players of points, or being rude and obnoxious to others, I will investigate around and if I deem necessary, I will revoke your adminship.

I wish you all a good day, and I hope to see you soon in Lyrical Gaming! My IGN is Will-I-Am, and if anybody needs me, feel free to PM me here on the forums or hunt for me in-game!
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