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Deepworld Fundraiser

C4broC4bro Member Posts: 7
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I've been playing deepworld for around a month and I can say passionately I am in love with the community and concept But sadly like most small indie games money can be a problem I have came up with a idea that might solve this issue a deepworld Go Fund Me or Kickstarter Project. I've seen the magic of This concept A great example of this would be We Happy Few. Please comment with concerns or suggestions to this idea :)
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  • ChickenChicken Muting kyree123Member Posts: 1,132
    Sounds good
  • EverywhenEverywhen Make someone happy todayMember, Arbiter Posts: 4,698
    Is that sponsorship thing still going @mikelaurence
  • ScribbzScribbz (L)MIRLMember Posts: 627
    The $2,500 pledge really grinds my gears.
  • NerevarineNerevarine Our reports showed a massive anomaly in the space-time continuum...Member Posts: 3,601
    Scribbz said:

    The $2,500 pledge really grinds my gears.

    Levitation... telekinesis...?

  • FreshXFreshX "Kazuie, kazoe. Let me suck them toes." -Chicken Member Posts: 1,342
    lisa said:

    Awwww, when the kickstarter was out I wasn't a part of the crew yet. I remember donating and demanding to have buildings named after me :D

    Well you are apart of the crew now : D

    Let's do this!
  • KittyKupoKittyKupo Laying in a sunbeamMember Posts: 2,219
    One REALLY good way to help fund Deepworld is to buy lots of crowns :3 You'll get all kind of stuff with them too, so it benefits you too!
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