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In need of admins.

AthenaAthena Somewhere over the rainbow.Posts: 766Member
I need some people to help me with a world RP.
The world is Claxmere Spirings.
You must be a good builder, a trusted player, and be nice.*
You will have the ability to /tp to plaques and players. Summoning is only for me. :)
Right now, I need like 3 or 4 people and then we can find moar.

*as in no griefing, scamming, foul language, etc.


HOW TO JOIN: State your IGN and get three vouchers from other players.
ONLY VOUCH FOR THOSE WHO YOU KNOW AND TRUST. Don't be that guy who's all like "Lel ima vouch for everyone so u can vouch me bak."


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