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5th Commenteer Game

Hydroblade29Hydroblade29 Member Posts: 1,816
Hello everyone!
I've created a discussion thread for a forum mini-game. I'm seeing the forums getting a bit blan from certain threads. I never made anything like this so wish me luck.

How this game works is that the creator(me) tags a random player. I will then say a word. The random player will have to tag someone else and say a word that fits with the previous word. Then the 3rd player will have to tag someone else with a word. And the 4th tagger tags someone with a word.
Player 1: Earth
Player 2: Is
Player 3: Not
Player 4: Even
Player 5: Round
When it reaches the 5th tagger, they must finish the sentence and make up a new word for another sentence to be completed.

Another brief explanation of how to play the game is this:
Player 1: @Mrwhatshisface Earth
Mrwhatshisface: @SomeDude Is
Somedude: @Mr-Moon Not
Mr-Moon: @Chicken Even
Chicken: Round.

New Sentence:
Chicken: @KFC_Snack KFC
Same rules apply above...



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