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I am hacked

Hamza36936Hamza36936 Posts: 16Member
edited December 2016 in Applicants Post Here
Help my mk 3 energy and flame and my diamond butler bot is was gone as i opened my id pls help me get it back


  • RomyrjohnandreiRomyrjohnandrei I like to smell your hair while i watch you sleep in your bed from behind your closet....Posts: 1,337Member
    did you tell your password to anyone?
    -if yes, then it's your fault
    -if no, try emailing [email protected] for them to see what went wrong..... or if you really did gave away your password
  • Hamza36936Hamza36936 Posts: 16Member
    I didnt gove anyone my password
  • Hamza36936Hamza36936 Posts: 16Member
  • Hamza36936Hamza36936 Posts: 16Member
    So how can i get it back
  • ItzDenniszItzDennisz Ñ͚̮̜͈̥̙͆̇Ư̥̰̓̚L̻̼̖̲̲̱̒͐͒̉̚L͎͙̲̗̝̯̑̔ͭ͡Posts: 2,914Member

    - You gave it away
    - Your password was 123
    - You never got hacked and this is just a dumb trick to get free stuff.
  • Hamza36936Hamza36936 Posts: 16Member
    No man i really got hacked
  • Hamza36936Hamza36936 Posts: 16Member
    I promise
  • Hamza36936Hamza36936 Posts: 16Member
    I die if i lie
  • Hamza36936Hamza36936 Posts: 16Member
    I didnt gave my password.

    My password isnt 123 .

    And this is not a dumb trick.
  • Hamza36936Hamza36936 Posts: 16Member
    I dont know first when i opened it it said the session is over pls log in again i log out and log in again and game started as i saw half of my thing with mk 3 flame and my mk 3 enrgy and my diamond butler bot was gone i was about to cry.
  • LilyabcLilyabc Kpop?Posts: 1,001Member
    @Hamza36936, please edit your posts so you won't spam a discussion. To do so there is a gear at the top corner of your post where you can edit it. Thank you. :blush:
  • FreshXFreshX Taking an extended blink. Hold on for a moment. Posts: 1,379Member

    I die if i lie

    Hey! Let's not pull this crap where you say you die when you lie. It isn't funny.
  • ipadsipads Posts: 1,998Member, Arbiter
    If you really think you got hacked, your best bet is to email [email protected] and see what they can do for you.
  • Hamza36936Hamza36936 Posts: 16Member
  • Hamza36936Hamza36936 Posts: 16Member
    How i email them
  • GizikinGizikin Da Caribbean with meh pirate fwendsPosts: 68Member
    Probably sent them an email on your email? Idk I rarely use emails, btw sorry about the loss
  • martin148martin148 NoPosts: 195Member
    edited December 2016

    How i email them

    Please feed my curiousity, how old are you?
    That you don't even know how to email?
    Please edit all your comments into one post, like "Oh, How i email them", instead of making multiple post which we found it really annoying.

    PS: Not to be rude but this is simply getting aggravated or somehow, funny.
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